Anyone who has or will struggle with Alcohol or Drug addiction will hopefully learn about a good solid recovery program. Through the Grace of God you can be healed of your addiction and pass the Good News on to others. Being sober for a little over 19 months now it is clear that this is the life that God wants us to live. Being under the influence of drugs and alcohol clouds our judgments and hurts our relationships.

Being in Recovery for a while has allowed me to put together some good recovery resources that I would like to share.

First would be Celebrate Recovery this is a Christian 12 step program that addresses all Hurts, Hang-Ups, and Habits. This program has a great step study meeting that helps you work through the 12 steps thoroughly and will help you to realize and repair issues within yourself through Christ’s strength. This program has truly changed my life.

We have continued to grow in Celebrate Recovery over the last 2 1/2 years. This year we were blessed to go to the CR Summit East. #CRSummitEast15 It was an amazing experience that I will never forgot and looking forward to next year. God please continue to bless Celebrate Recovery and its 27,000 meetings that are held around the world.

Second would be Alcoholics Anonymous this program has been around since the 30’s and has helped lots of people overcome drug/alcohol addictions. They publish great material like Daily Reflections and Twenty-Four Hours a Day which are both daily short readings to help uplift and guide you in recovery.


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